Sunday, October 05, 2014

OVM's strange architecture

Obviously I do not run a major Oracle-based OVM data center. So for real-life large enterprises this is not an issue.

However image the following: you have a machine on which you want to run Oracle VM Server.
Installation of the OVM is straightforward and pretty easy.

Now you end up with a piece of equipment that does exactly NOTHING.

Nothing? Yup. Well you can start it and you get a Linux prompt, and that is pretty much it.

In comes the Oracle VM Manager. It dances, it talks, it does the wash and it walks the dog - and it can be yours for 99.99$ ;-)

Seriously, in order to get anything useful to be done with the OVM Server you need the manager. Now there is a small design flaw. Setting up the OVM Manager requires an extra machine. This can be a Virtualbox image, another machine in your network or even a guest on your Oracle VM Server.

Now the last seems to be appealing. Normally in such an environment I would like to have the controlling software on the box that I control (with the option to move it elsewhere when I grow and buy  a second box).

Unfortunately before you can place an image on the OVM Server you need to configure it - meaning you install the OVM Manager on a different platform.

Seem awkward. How about an installation option that would create the Dom0 on the (first) OVM Server and that would bring a OVM Manager with it? It is not there. Pity!

So I downloaded a Virtualbox template with the OVM Manager.

This did not work. The internet told me that this was due to a mismatch of the passwords of the OVM Agent. Changed the password - no success.

Now I am in the process to create my own Virtualbox image with OEL6 and install an OVM Manager 3.3.1.

Let's see how this works out.

UPDATE: It seems to work now (see also next post).

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