Wednesday, April 23, 2008

IP with VMWare

Lately I ran into a strange problem.

I switched on my Wireless Network on my laptop only to find out that every time it receives a hostname localdomain
and an IP address of .

Of course I blamed Windows as this is often the problem.
However I found out that the problem is the DHCP Server of the VMWare Server.
This seems to assign DHCP leases not only for the networks towards the Virtual Machines but also to the host as well.

The only remedy is to shutdown the Windows service of the VMWare DHCP Server when requesting a new IP address.

Setup Oracle RAC - problem with

When running the I received the following error:

/tmp does not exist and is not writable

The reason for this is the fact that during the setup of the user equivalence the ssh to the own host was not performed. This leads to the issue that the commands in the are not issued on the localhost. This leads to the strange error, as the /tmp directory did of course exist.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Change the instancename of the Oracle Application Server

During the installation of an Oracle Application Server I mistyped the instancename. I was not so keen on re-installing everything. So I tried to change the name of the instance. Mind you - I'm talking about the name that is displayed when issuing an

opmnctl status

The solution is pretty easy: Edit the and the opmn.xml . Change the instancename there and restart the opmn.