Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OOW2008 goes Tron 3.0

One of the things that has gotten me into the IT world was the movie TRON.

So you can imagine how it feels when you become part of the movie ;-)

Check out the following photo (it is a little bit dark - but we're inside the computer).

You know you are a nerd when ....

you attend the Oracle ACE's dinner and a lot of the Oracle GODS that make this community work are around.

You are even a bigger nerd when you go to another reception and try to tell your manager that you just had dinner with the who-is-who of the Oracle world and all your name-dropping just brings empty looks to your managers faces.

Are you experiencing the same?


One of the big announcements this year on OOW is of course Beehive. As I did a lot in the area of the Oracle Collaboration Suite I am very curious what Beehive will bring.

I had a look on the Oracle Demogrounds on OOW and it definitely looks impressive. I will get my hands dirty as soon as I'm back home. My first impression is that Beehive is what the Collaboration Suite always intended to be.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OOW2008 in full swing

Since Sunday Oracle Open is in full swing. Sessions, hands-on labs, exhibitions, user groups, receptions, parties, and best of all: ALL OF YOU!

I meet so many people that I have heard of, people who have blogs as well, familiar faces from Oracle, lots of folks from my company and of course from other companies and Oracle customers.

Content of the sessions is usually very good, and again you get the insider information from Oracle product managers, and partners who implemented some cool pieces of Oracle software in their projects.

Hope you all enjoy the show and I also hope to see as many of my readers here in sunny San Francisco!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Metalink is upgraded

Starting with OOW the Metalink interface was uograded. Although this was already available for a while as a beta and as it has now entered mainstream.

Let's see what else will be changed during this OOW.