Saturday, October 04, 2014

My endeavour with Oracle VM

So - I bought a decently sized system to have my own private cloud on it. The main motivation was the fact that currently it has become pretty difficult to run some Oracle software on your laptop.

Although a number of people do this you quickly realize that they just have a simple database installation on it or a plain WebLogic Server.

While this is satisfactory for a number of purposes it doesn't come near the things that I encounter in my day to day life. My customers typically have HA or even MAA environments, using RAC and some of the newest Fusion Middleware components.

When you simply want to re-enact an environment of that size your laptop will not be sufficient.

So - this journey is about the setup and "cloudy" ideas I have.

So what I have now is a system that offers me a good CPU, 64 GB of memory (probably the most expensive part nowadays) and 3 TB disk plus 512 SSD. All in all it cost me around 1800 Euro's. And as it was bought by my company the Dutch minister of finance is (hopefully) happily supporting my with this.

Let's see where this ends up.

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