Saturday, July 11, 2009

Using Grid Control to monitor the performance of web services

I have written a short how-to document that demonstrates the usage of Grid Control to monitor the performance of web services.

Check it out on:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Spending day and night at the Oracle office

I had two sessions at Oracle Netherlands yesterday in the evening and today the whole day.

Yesterday Rob Zoeteweij gave a presentation about the Provisioning within Grid Control.
Today was the technical briefing of the Oracle Partners about FMW11g.

Both events gave me a pile of new ideas - both business wise as well as technical.
So I guess I will spend a part of the upcoming weekend with another deep-dive of the new FMW11g products and also prepare some input for my management on "How to make money with FMW11g".

I expect that I will take my laptop with me on my vacation - which is just a week away. I only need to find a way to smuggle this machine into my car without my wife finding this out :-)

The funny thing of being in the same place (Oracle office) twice was that I started to look for my car this afternoon where I had put it yesterday in the evening. I guess I need a little bit of vacation anyway.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Test run of OFMW11g

I am sitting in my garden, enjoying the good weather (26 C/79 F) and build a new Virtual Machine in order to install the new Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g.
For me this is a perfect afternoon ;-)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fusion Middleware documentation

If you go to
you will see the following:

So with the new version of the software a new look and feel of the documentation is available.
It takes a minute to find your way around, but it looks a little bit better than the old tabbed version of the documentation.

Fusion Middleware is released

Yesterday the new version of Fusion Middleware was released. Thomas Kurian and a group of senior Oracle people talked about the new version, showed some demos and included customers for some testimonials.

The software is already available for download at

I have downloaded almost everything already and will start to install this piece by piece on my machine. I am particularly interested in the IDM Analytics and the new features of the Web Center Suite. Also the integration of the Oracle Service Bus with BPEL and their management inside the Enterprise Manager seem to be more than worthwhile to investigate.