Friday, July 30, 2010

When your own documentation rocks!!!

Nobody likes to write documentation, and I'm not that different.

But today I was very happy and said "Thank You" to myself. A while ago I needed to install some software for a project. Now after my vacation, which apparently wiped a lot of my mind's hard disk clean, I needed to repeat the installation for a new environment.

Reverting back to my own documentation saved me a lot of time.

Maybe I should create a video on YouTube with my impersonation of Steven Balmer's monkey dance and substitute the words "Developers, developers..." with "Document! Document! Document!".

So take it from me: writing documentation before your vacation keeps you longer in your post-vacation mode ;-)

Clarification on the sluggishness of the silent install

A few posts ago I mentioned that the silent install was very slow.

Still had this on my to-blog list, so here is the clarification.

It turned out that somebody had the idea that we needed some kind of virus protection on the Linux boxes. Each time something was written to the disk the virus protection kicked in. Imagine what this is doing to your installation performance :-(