Friday, July 13, 2007

Authorisation failure with CRS

A while back I had the problem that my CRS information was lost.

Now I had found that when I did a crs_start of the component I received the following error:

CRS-0254 authorization failure

Some investigation showed that the problem was related to the fact that the component was not owned by the oracle user.

Using crs_getperm ora.ORCL.db showed the problem.

oracle@myhost:/opt/oracle/crs/bin>./crs_getperm ora.ORCL.db
Name: ora.ORCL.db

This can be solved by doing the following:

crs_setperm ora.ORCL.db -o oracle
crs_setperm ora.ORCL.db -g dba

Now it works again.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

OC4J clusters keep old hosts information

Recently I was busy with the mod_oc4j clustering of two standalone OHS machines. As Oracle has integrated ONS into OC4J in 10.1.3.x you have to provide your own ons.conf file (just copy one from a environment).

But what happend to me was strange. I added a new node (machine_C.mydomain.local) while I removed another one (machine_A.mydomain.local).

However getting the

opmnctl status @farm

still showed the machine_A in the list.

Some investigation delivered the following:

In the directory $ORACLE_HOME\opmn\logs\states two entries do exist:

When you shutdown the OPMN the p* file will disappear. However the .opmndat file will remain there.

Remove it, it will be rebuild with the next opmnctl startall.

Now my machine_A.mydomain.local was gone and the machine_C showed up.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Controlfile backups

Almost everbody knows how to create backups of the controlfile.

Usually a

alter database backup controlfile to trace;

is used.

And now for the 64000$ question:

Which information is not backed up by this command?

The answer is:


In order to prevent the loss of this information you can better use the following command:

alter database backup controlfile to '/a_real/location/inyour/system';