Thursday, May 31, 2007

Setting security providers

This seems to be a very difficult task.

Here is my setup on a VMWare instance (RH 4.3):

AS Infrastructure with OID
AS SOA Suite
AS Webcenter

Now I want to use the OID as the security provider for the SOA Suite.

First I register the SOA Suite as a "remote_midtier" in the SSO.
Then I go to the AS Control of the SOA Suite and configure the Identity Management for the two OC4J's - home and oc4j_soa.

This does only work for the OC4J called home. The OC4J oc4j_soa does not get changed.

Then after some restarts the whole system decides to just stop with using any of the two security providers (file-based JAZN and OID). Therefore I cannot login to the AS Control.

After several attempts to fix this I parked this problem. This will probably be a reinstall :-(

Any ideas are welcome.


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