Thursday, May 31, 2007

Repair (remove) the OID security provider from the AS

Trying to fix the problems I encountered earlier I found out that the removal of the OID security provider is performed by the following steps.

During the setup where OID is created as a security provider the is run on the OID layer. Remove this with the web-based ORASSO (http://host:port/pls/orasso).

But the second step involved the usage of the new osso_newsite.conf file. This is done with the $ORACLE_AS10131_HOME/Apache/Apache/bin/osso1013 . Just comment out the entries in the httpd.conf and the mod_osso.conf, create a new empty_osso.conf in $OH/Apache/Apache/conf/osso/ and rerun the osso1013.

This did the trick for me.


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