Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Setting up SLES 9 in VMWare

I had encountered this problem earlier and as so often didn't took notes. Serves me right when the same problem showed up again. Now I try to use this blog as a kind of virtual notebook. Wonder how many of you do this as well?

When you want to setup SLES in a VMWare environment you might end up with a four-way split screen of the installation process. As you can imagine this does not offer a very readable output.

In order to get rid of this just set the following setting during the installation.

When prompted for the installation or boot method select "Manual" and type


in the boot options text area at the lower end of the screen.
Problem solved - and on to new adventures with SLES :-)


Unknown said...

Thank you!!! I've never been able to get SLES9 installed using the graphical mode before. I'm installing it now-your tip worked great!

Michael said...

Thanks for the tip, worked great!

Dimitris said...

Thanks , worked for me too :-)