Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How sweet it is..

Prejudice, one of the worst things in real life, and of course the same applies to the IT world.

So after a lot of years in which I almost exclusively worked with RedHat I'm back at SuSe, SLES9 to be specific.

Ok, installing Oracle is something I do every day but when I found out that there is no such thing as /etc/sysctl.conf in SuSe I thought "Yes, this is the reason for not using this flavour." .

But then I found the orarun.rpm (; installed it, ran it - and voila: everything was set.

So today's lesson will be: Just the facts - prejudice will trouble your mind.

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Unknown said...

I'm bookmarking your blog! Seams that we have very similar jobs. I'm an Oracle DBA that works with 10g, Application Server, SLES 9/10, and VMware . I have come across many of the same obstacles that you have noted, and have learned quite a few tips from your postings. Please keep this going, I'll be watching!