Sunday, January 31, 2016

USB2 for Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse

I have bought an Acer E17 laptop. Also I redecorated my study room - so I wanted to get rid of all the clutter, plus sharing the desk with my wife and use the big screen I have - which sat idle on my old desk.

So I thought to get a docking station. Just a brief check on the underside of the Acer's (I have three now) showed me that they are not in the league of grown-ups when it comes to the point of supplying docking station slots.

So I tried to use a wireless keyboard and mouse from Logitech which I bought a year ago.

However there was sometime a big lag in the keyboard and also the mouse did not react that well.

Looking on the internet I found a number of folks who complained about this but only little help in solving the problem.

Finally I stumbled over a posting that stated that USB2 would be a better choice than USB3, as this scans more devices on more frequencies. So I put the receiver in the USB2 port and since then I am a happy computer user again, not wishing to throw everything away ;-)

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