Monday, February 06, 2012

How Oracle SOA saved my life

OK - I exaggerated a little bit in the title - but as you may have noticed - it is VERY cold in central Europe. Now this guy here loves the sun. I admit I love the SUN products as well, but normally I refer to the big yellow thing in the sky.

Leaving the Netherlands for a long weekend with my wife to travel to Malaga is nice. But to feel the Spanish winter sun with 16 C (+ that is) instead of the Dutch version of it (-10) gave me the feeling that coming to Malaga for the SOA Community Forum is a kind of a life saver. So yes - I combined business with pleasure, but sometimes you just have to.

In addition to that - staying abreast of things that go on in the community, in the SOA Suite arena in general and meeting a couple of old friends (and hopefully making some new ones along the line) is a thing that can be compared to a life saver. Although in a project an error does not automatically mean that blood flows through the streets, having a good knowledge of the products you work with is very helpful.

So I hope that you will envy me to type this in the afternoon sun, enjoying tapas and meet some folks tonight in Malaga, instead of freezing, eating snert (look it up on Wikipedia).
Come to an Oracle Fusion Middleware Community as well - it might save your life ;-)

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