Thursday, May 12, 2011

WebCenter Spaces startup problems

For a training I installed a WebCenter Suite environment on an Oracle Enterprise Linux.

I ran into two problems. First I couldn't start the AdminServer. The logfile told me that the JDBC to mdsSpaces failed due to a Socket time out. Took me some time to realize this, but the reason was that I had configured the VirtualBox with a DNS (on the Windows host). Therefore the JDBC calls went out to seek for the database - which timed out.

The second issue I had (and still have) is that after starting the NodeManager and AdminServer I couldn't start the WC_Spaces Server from inside the WebLogic Console. I have no solution for this yet, only a work-around. When I start the WC_Spaces from the commandline as a Managed Server it works.

If somebody has an idea why this happens, obviously I'd like to hear from you.


Cato said...


does the NodeManager log (wlshome/common/nodemanager/nodemanager.log) give any useful information?

We had a similar issue with SOA managed servers on two different occasions. One time the NodeManager expected SSL while the AdminServer used plain, the other time the user/password configured in NodeManager and the user/password for NodeManager in the AdminServer didn't match.

Andreas said...

I will have a look at this again and follow up on your comment. But from the top of my head I believe that I didn't use SSL anywhere.