Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Leightweight is not always good

I am busy installing the latest version of the Oracle Enterprise Manager. Obviously I need a database for this.
In order to protect my resources in the Oracle VM image that use I switched off all extra Database options. Among others the Partitioning option is offered. Well - during the installation of the OEM I found out the hard way that the Partitioning option is required for the database.
I know that the OEM creates a lot of partitions - which will then get emptied during the data consolidation process. I happened to forget this.

The funny thing is that the OEM installer checks this and comes back with a warning box, stating:
Using the Partitoning option is strongly recommended. Being a wise guy I tried to ignore this. But when Oracle says that they STRONGLY RECOMMEND something they mean it. So I am deinstalling and reinstalling the database software as I write this ;-)

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