Thursday, February 11, 2010

dbca - Exception in thread "main"

Sometimes error messages are very misleading. If you see an error stating:

Exception in thread "main"

you expect that this is some java-related issue. Maybe the classpath is wrong, your JAVA_HOME is not set, etc.

I had this error when I was starting up the Oracle dbca.

After some checks and different tries I found out that the DISPLAY environment was set, but to a different screen, which I was not using. So even when you check the dbca shell script, you will find a build-in check for the DISPLAY environment.
But now the check passed with flying flags - as it was set. The problem that my dbca was unable to use this DISPLAY lead to the java error.

Setting the DISPLAY to the one I was using (and setting xhost to allow all) solved this.

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