Sunday, June 14, 2009

Different servers in Content Server

I'm taking some steps to work on my ECM 2.0 skills.
One of the things to do was the tutorial which comes with the software.
At a certain point you are asked to use the "Administration Server".
Clicking on it revealed the following text:

Unable to retrieve root IdcAdmin page. Permission denied. Address '' is not an allowable remote socket address.

Ok, I'm using VMWare and did this from the Windows host, while the Content Server runs on one of my Linux machines. I tried with a browser inside the VMWare itself.
Same result.

Searching the OTN forums I found a part of the solution. The posts say that you need to add the IP address of the machine to the config.cfg file. Then the apache.cfg file needs to be changed ("Allow from any" becomes "Allow from all"). The final step is the restart of the server.

Well - it took me a while to find out why it didn't work.
The content server has (at least) two servers:
  • one in $UCM_HOME/etc
  • and one in $UCM_HOME/admin/etc
My first attempts where in the first directory but never delivered the result I needed. After restarting the server in the $UCM_HOME/admin/etc I finally succeeded.

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