Sunday, June 08, 2008

Unpacking Oracle cpio for AIX

When extracting a cpio file with Oracle software from OTN on AIX you might encounter the following problem:

oracle@mymachine-app:/install/oracle/MRCA>cpio -idmv < ../as_ibm_aix_mrca_101203_disk1.cpio

cpio: 0511-903 Out of phase!
cpio attempting to continue...

cpio: 0511-904 skipping 642010 bytes to get back in phase!
One or more files lost and the previous file is possibly corrupt!

Segmentation fault

The solution is to use the option -idcmv
oracle@mymachine-app:/install/oracle/MRCA>cpio -idcmv < ../as_ibm_aix_mrca_101203_disk1.cpio

Reads and writes header information in ASCII character form. If a
cpio archive was created using the c flag, it must be extracted
with c flag.


Unknown said...

-idcmv that comment saved me some time. I was about to download again

Chris said...

many thanks for your solution, save me lots of time

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks, you saved me from decompressing it on solaris and ftping it back to the AIX server. Cheers :D

Chandrasekar Sivasamy said...

Thank you so much