Sunday, March 02, 2008

User interface design @ Oracle - or how to distinguish blue on blue

Came across the following last week - and I have to admit that this is something which made my eyes hurt.

When you are in the Policy Manager of the Oracle Identity Management Suite and you want to add a group you REALLY need to know that there is a hidden link on this page. Try to find it yourself in the next picture:

Found it?

Let me give you a hint. Look in the blue band and search for some blue text :-)

I'm not sure if anybody knew about this. I checked the documentation, and nothing about adding a group to such an Authorization Rule for groups is written in there.

I wonder if anybody at Oracle knows about this hidden gem.
I will log an SR with Support and also mail some people I know at Oracle to discuss this perfect piece of user interface design.


Mark Miller said...

You can specify a Tab image for your group and user tabs. These gifs will replace the blue on blue hyperlinks making things much easier to see.

Andreas said...

True, but this is how it comes out-of-the-box.