Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Keep track of your virtual machines

I use VMWare a lot. So I end up with a lot of virtual machines on my 500GB external hard disk (the old one with 250 GB was full).

Normally I gave the VM instances self-descripting names like rh3_as10infra which is fine for me as I know what's on them.

However I'm just preparing an VM instance that will be distributed to other people that need to have an Oracle playground without the hassle of installing it themselves.

So I found out (with some help from a colleague) that in the notes section of the VMWare Server you can just add some valuable information. Have a look at this example:

This will enable those people to get their machines up and running without asking me a lot of questions.

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Frank said...

If only you had known earlier - I wouldn't have asked so much :)