Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Default character set used in the DB

As I always forget this (and have to look for it) I will put it into my blog - maybe I will memorize it now ;-)

SELECT value$ FROM sys.props$ WHERE name = 'NLS_CHARACTERSET';

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oracle Data Guard screw up

Setting up Data Guard with Maximum Protection requires the Data Guard Broker.

Having setup Data Guard a couple of times without the broker I thought "how difficult can it be?" and started.

After some preparations I started the dgmgrl in order to configure the various sites.
To my astonishment no command at all was recognized. I have to admit that I even went back to the manuals to see if it was my fault. And then - shame on me - I tried to use the help function inside the dgmgrl.

See what happens then:


Ok, so either I was seriously stupid or there was an error - probably a relink issue.
A good friend of mine at Oracle PTS - Robert Pastijn - offered the needed help and pointed out that a bug was introduced on AIX in the upgrade from to . The patch fixed this problem.

So after all Oracle did not (yet) follow the classic Microsoft error: Error - No Error.